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Are you in trouble with your significant other?

We introduce to you Love Text for Windows Phone, Love Text is a fantastic way to find amazing free poems for you to use and hopefully alleviate any problems that you might have with your significant other, or be active and surprise him or her with a nice poem that will give you some extra points.

Love Text is a free app on the Windows Phone marketplace and is extremely easy to use.

Love Text is distributed globally and it has a built in auto-detect feature that will translate all the free poems into your native language of the phone, so you can just send the poem you like to your favorite person in life.

App Features:

  • Auto translates poems based on your native language.
  • Send poems via Email, Text, Windows Live, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Create your own poem.

With Love Text you can send a love poem to anyone you want. With Love Text you can send a poem to anyone in your contact list.

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